Singapore Food (Bugis / Jalan Besar)

Platypus Kitchen – Bugis (Bugis Junction) NOVEMBER 20, 2014 Well known for it’s Lobster Roll by Lobster Shack, Platypus Kitchen is smacked right in the heart of Bugis Junction. Lobster Shack also pride themselves to serve the freshest handmade paste and to offer gourmet cuisine at affordable price.

Choo Choo Chicken – Bugis (Bali Lane) JULY 16, 2014 A humble little eatery selling Korean style fried chicken with authentic flavours like Soy, Spicy, Sweet, Crispy and Garlic.

Stateland Cafe – Bugis (Bali Lane) JUNE 3, 2014 An industrial-themed cafe along Bali Lane. It’s so hipster than they only accept cash for your meal. They offer very pretty dessert like the Red Velvet Waffle with Ice-cream and Hazelnut Honey Toast.

Yoogane Chicken Galbi – Bugis (Bugis Junction): MAY 2, 2014 Yoogane, a very popular Chicken Galbi Restaurant in South Korea opened it’s first franchise restaurant in Singapore Bugis Junction.

Yong Kee Seafood Restaurant – Jalan Besar (Jalan Besar Road): APRIL 7, 2014 Yong Kee, a Cze Char Store at an old school coffee shop that offers various signature dishes like Pig Trotter, Egg Yolk Crab, 上汤苋菜 (Chinese Spinach served in soup stock), steamed salted chicken and Crispy Bee Hoon.

Swee Choon Dim Sum – Jalan Besar (Jalan Besar Road): OCTOBER 13, 2013 Swee Choon Dim Sum is one of Singaporean’s favourite supper Dim Sum restaurant that is famous for their Mee Sua Kway (Chinese Vermicelli). With more than 100 items on their menu, people are definitely spoilt for choices at Swee Choon.


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