Bread Street Kitchen by Gordon Ramsay at MBS (with menu)

Bread Street Kitchen by Gordon Ramsay at MBS

Address: Bay Level, L1-81 The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands

Opening hour: Daily lunch 11:30am – 5:30pm, Daily dinner Sun to Wed 5:30pm – 10pm, Thu to Sat 5:30pm – 12am


Bread Street Kitchen by Gordon Ramsay in Singapore is it’s fifth branches, with it’s first branch being at Bread Street in London. Everyone knows about Gordon Ramsay but obviously he will not be the chef of this restaurant. This branch is headed by Chef Sabrina Stillhart, who had worked in London, the original Bread Street branch.

It’s situated at Level 1 of the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands that is at the far end of the mall that is nearer to Raffles Place. The restaurant offers a good view of our Marina Bay and definitely a good spot to catch a some firework actions at the comfort of your seat in the restaurant during this National Day period.

The main course range from $26++ for a fish and chips and up to $180++ for a premium steak and most of them are priced at about $40++

Bread Street Kitchen Menu – Click to enlarge

Dingley Dell Pork Chop $44++

I was a bit caught unaware when the waitress asked for the doneness of my Pork Chop so I went for the safe option of medium well. After doing some research, I come to know that Pork Chop indeed can be served in different doneness but unlike beef, medium is the rawest you can go.

This dish does not come with a side dish and this slab of meat cost me about $51.50 nett. For a pork chop standard, the Bread Street Kitchen one is pretty succulent and tender. It’s well grilled and lightly flavoured with salt and pepper and part of the surface is grilled to char for a delightful flavour. The slab of meat also comes with a cut of the pig’s skin. However i’m not too impressed cus the grilled skin is a little greasy. Taste wise, it’s pretty decent but the price wise, I wouldn’t consider it as value for money.

Grilled Baby Chicken, Chimichurri Sauce, Burnt Lemon $34++

This is one of the most affordable dishes at Bread Street Kitchen, at about $40 nett for a baby chicken, with no side dishes as well. No doubt this chicken is indeed tender, i think there’s nothing too fancy about it. Just some good old grilled chicken. For the Chimichurri sauce, it’s a sauce originated from Argentina that is specially paired with grilled meat. It is made of finely-chopped parsley, minced garlic, olive oil, oregano, and white vinegar. Although the tangy kick is quite interesting when it’s paired with the grilled Chicken, the star of the show, the grilled chicken is still only decent. I would say there is still plenty of room to justify for it’s price tag.

Macoroni Cheese with Garlic Roasted Crumbs $16++

This is actually my favourite savoury dish of the day and it cost about $18 nett. I like the strong cheese flavour and the good creamy texture. The Macoroni is soft, freshly baked and cheese-infused. It’s a pity that portion wise, it’s barely good enough for one pax.

Coffee and White Chocolate Parfait with Poached Black Berries $18++

Parfait refers to a frozen dessert made from a base of sugar syrup, egg, and cream. The cream is very well done, with just the right creamy texture and level of sweetness. The add-on of the coffee crumbles added another tinge of fragrance to the already delightful cream layer. I would say I rather enjoyed this dessert.

Ricotta and Dark Chocolate Cannoli with Morello Cherries $20++

Cannoli is a kind of tube-shape fried pasty filled with a sweet creamy filling. The ricotta cheese cream was not what I expected. It has a grainy texture, which i personally prefers something smoother.

It’s moderately sweet with a very mild taste of cheese. If only the cheese flavour can be stronger. I think this is pale in comparison to the Parfait dessert. Not the most enjoyable dessert that i had.


At a glance, the main course doesn’t seems too pricey for a MBS-celebrity-chef-owned restaurant. However if you think about it, the main course does not come with a side, and a portion of fries cost $12++. My grilled baby chicken would be about $54 nett with a side dish. Honestly, with the price that i pay, the meal was not as satisfying as expected.

Badass Pork Chop Knief

Taste wise, on the contuary to many online reviews saying how cannot make it the main courses are, I feel that the dishes are skillfully prepared, just that they are unable to justify it’s price tag. Some of the sauces used are actually quite brilliant and it’s something i’d never tried before but it’s just not catered to our local’s taste bud. For example, we don’t normally pair our pork chop with sourish Bearnaise sauce, which is a mix of Egg Yolk, Butter and White Wine Vinegar.

If you ask me, will I visit Bread Street Kitchen very soon? Once is quite enough for the hype i think. I still very much enjoy my non-celebrity, affordable and most importantly, satisfying restaurant meals. I don’t think much can be done in term of pricing, however in order to attract crowd to return, I think there’s still some fine tuning to suit the taste bud of our locals.

Macau Tsui Yuen Cafe – Hong Kong Hawker Centre?

Macau Tsui Yuen Cafe (澳門翠苑茶餐廳)

English Address: Mong Kok Cooked Food Market 557 Shanghai St Hong Kong

Chinese Address: 旺角上海街557號旺角熟食中心2樓8號舖

Opening hours: Mon to Sun 7.00am to 9.00pm

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Macau Tsui Yuen Cafe is situated at a food centre above a bus interchange at Mongkok that is very little known among tourists. We always shop at Langham Place but almost never know of such a food centre exists.

Tsui Yuen is not exactly a cafe but a hawker stall. It is very well known for it’s Macau-Portugese dishes and their signatures are the Portugese-style Curry with Farmer’s Bun, Macau Pork Chop Bun and their Ice Coffee. Don’t be deceived by the stall outlook as they are very popular among the locals.

Apart from Kam Wah Cafe, Tsui Yuen is the most well-liked eatery on Hong Kong Openrice at the Mongkok District.

Click to enlarge: Menu Nov 2013

Grilled Chicken / Pork Neck Farmer’s Bun with Portugese-style Curry

I first visited them in 2012 when a Farmer’s bun cost $HK55 and they increased their price to HK$60 in Nov 2013. I ordered their Grilled Pork Neck and Grilled Chicken Farmer’s bun. A set comes with a bowl of curry, minestrone soup and a bread bowl of grilled meat. One portion is good enough to be shared by two person.

The giant bread is served hot from oven with a crispy exterior and pillow-fluffy center. The idea is very similar to our Singapore “933 Golden Pillow” except the curry is served in a separate bowl.

The curry is like Japanese curry that is more to the sweet scale and not as spicy as the Thai/Indian Curry. It coats the crisp-exterior bread effortlessly in a silky coat of smooth thick curry sauce.

i thought I would be more impressed with the Grill Pork Neck but the Grilled Chicken surprises me. The tender chicken slices were very well-seasoned and marinated and i can taste the fragrance of freshly grill chicken with every mouthful.

Curry Pork Chop Bun

I wasn’t impress with the pork chop bun. I thought the bread is a little dry, pork chop is ok, just that a little bit of curry sauce is added beneath the pork chop which was barely noticeable. It’s a bit disappointing as a signature dish.

Macau Iced Coffee

Introducing my favourite ice coffee in Hong Kong. Whenever i am here, I will order this ice coffee. It is really smooth and creamy and the scattered coffee powder adds on a light fragrance of freshly-grinded coffee bean. Like our Singapore’s Kopi-peng (Ice milk coffee), it quite sweet but that is what made it enjoyable. It’s definitely a revitalizing beverage to have after long hours of shopping!


I was actually a bit disappointed when I re-visited them in November 2013. Since the visit in 2012, my expectation of them is rather high. The curry and bread still taste as good but the much-anticipated grilled chicken didn’t keep up with the initial standard and the portion of the curry became smaller. I thought it’s still not bad, but was already less impressive, but the Ice Milk Coffee still kick ass.

For those who has never visited a hawker centre in Hong Kong, you may wish to pop by this place for a new dining experience. I thought the dishes offered by Macau Tsui Yuen Cafe is quite different from a typical Hong Kong cafe and i hope that their standard can improve. I will it another shot when i visit Hong Kong the next time.

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The set that i ordered in 2012. The curry is served in a larger bowl.

Map and Direction

1. Exit from C4 at Mongkok MTR

2. Cross the very first street and walk a short distance and cross over to another street

3. Turn left and walk straight and you should be near a bus interchange already

4. Look for the escalator in my pic below and take the escalator to Mongkok Cooked Food Market

5. Macau Tsui Yuen Cafe is one of the first stalls that greets you.

This hawker centre is just behind Langham place within a bus interchange and most importantly, look for this escalator. This is the escalator that leads up to the food centre.

You know you are at the right place when you see this signage