Singapore Food (Tiong Bahru / Outram Park)

49 Seats – Outram Park (Kreta Ayer): FEBRUARY 15, 2015 A cosy and casual restaurant that is rather well known for their Tom Yum Pasta and Smoked Duck Pasta. This little outlet opens from 6.00 pm and closes at 4.30 am on weekends and is a rather ideal place to chill out with friends. Their cheese fries is another dish to look out for.

Loo’s Hainanese Curry Rice – Tiong Bahru (Seng Poh Road): 26 May 2014 Loo’s Curry Rice, one of the most popular Hainanese Curry Rice had moved to a new location at Seng Poh Road. It was said that the preparation of their curry requires up to three days and despite the presence of various cafes in the same vicinity, this old school curry rice still manage to capture the heart of many youngsters.

Drips Bakery Cafe – Tiong Bahru (Tiong Poh Road): 28 August 2013 Drips Bakery Cafe specialises in fruit tarts as well as their freshly made sandwiches. During peak hours, their fruit tarts are snapped in an instant once it’s out from the kitchen. Among the cafes in the vicinity, i love this place for it’s high ceiling and spacious dining environment.

Beo Crescent (No Name) Hainanese Curry Rice An inconspicuous hawker stall in an old school coffee shop, Beo Crescent (No Name) Hainanese Curry Rice serves the best crackling Hainanese Pork Chop. This is another Best Hainanese Curry Rice in Singapore and long queue is expected during meal hours but patrons are willing to wait just for a taste of their curry rice.




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