Cat & the Fiddle, the online Cheese Cake Shop

Cat & the Fiddle, the online Cheese Cake Shop

Web Address:

Cake Self-collection Address: 171 Kampong Ampat KA Foodlink #05-04


Cat & the Fiddle is an online cake shop that’s founded by Chef Daniel Tay. He was the ex-founder of Bakerzinn and was also the Pastry Chef of French Restaurant Les Amis. Cat & the Fiddle specialises in gourmet Cheese Cakes that are very reasonably priced – starting from $19.90 for a 1kg classic New York Cheesecake to $38.90 for a Mao Shan Wang Durian Cheesecake. Thank you David for sending the lovely box of Cheesecake with 10 different flavours (named Fickle Feline) over.

Fickle Feline, as the name suggest, can be a choice for people that are unable to decide which cheesecake flavour to have because it comes with 10 slices of cheesecake of different flavours. However please note that there is only a limited 50 cakes per week and it’s opened for ordering on every Wednesday 10am.

Here are the 10 flavours – Maneki Neko (Yuzu, Lemon and Lime), Modern Duke’s Pudding (Oreo), Over the Moon (Classic New York), Queen of Hearts (Strawberry), Paws of Fury (Yuan Yang), Sweet & Smokey Taffy (Salted Caramel), Sicilian Wild Cats (Tiramisu), Caribbean Surfari (Pina Colada), Russian Whiskers (Mango and Vodka), Emperor Romance (Lychee and Martini).

Maneki Neko (Yuzu, Lemon and Lime)
It has a strong refreshing Yuzu taste which is rather interesting and is something that i’d never try before. The top layer is made up of cream infused with citrus flavor with a cheese bottom layer.

Maneki Neko (Front)

Modern Duke’s Pudding (Oreo)
I am not an Orea cheesecake fan to begin with because it’s too dry and sweet most of the time, but this is pretty well done. The orea crumble layer is rather moist and the moderately sweet Orea goes very well with the cheese and not overpowering another. One of the best Oreo cheesecake that i had.

Sicilian Wild Cats (Tiramisu)
This slice of Tiramisu has a light cheese flavour and alcohol taste. The cheese center is very creamy, sandwiching layers of Espresso infused biscuit. This is something that I will go for if i want something that’s not overly cheesy and yet satisfying.

Emperor Romance (Lychee and Martini)
This is very similar to the Tiramisu, but the cheese is mixed with Lychee meat and is infused with Lychee essence. The light Martini soaked biscuit center has almost no trace of bitter taste. This is also pretty light and it’s one of my favourites.

Emperor Romance (left) and Queen of Hearts (right)

Queen of Hearts (Strawberry)
This cheesecake reminds me of the Raspberry Ice-cream that we can get from the ice-cream paddlers, except there is an added tinge of cheese flavours. The sweetness is just right for my liking.

Caribbean Surfari (Pina Colada)
This pineapple cheesecake has a fruit cake top and the side is sprinkled with coconut shredding that adds on a delightful texture. It doesn’t exactly taste like cheesecake as the pineapple taste seems to overpower the cheese. However taste wise, I have no problem finishing this slice of cake.

Russian Whiskers (Mango and Vodka)
This cheesecake has a tinge of vodka flavour and the center has a texture of a Mango pudding.

Over the Moon (Classic New York)
The classic cheese cake is not as cloying as expected. It has a creamy texture and not too sweet and it’s to my liking. As this flavour only has cheese and the crust, naturally I will pay more attention to the crust and i thought the crust can be made better, like crispier and more buttery.

Paws of Fury (Yuan Yang)
Yuan Yang is a blend of milk tea and coffee, but this version has two separated layers of cheesy coffee and tea. I like the coffee layer but the tea layer is not to my liking. Overall i think it lacks the fragrance of a typical cup of Yuan Yang, or should i say, the tea and coffee layer didn’t mix as well as expected.

Sweet & Smokey Taffy (Salted Caramel)
I thought the sweetness is a little too overwhelming. Personally I think a sweet caramel is a norm but the bottom cheese layer is too strong to compliment the already sweet caramel.


Some of the flavours that Cat & The Fiddle are quite unique and interesting to try. The flavours of their cake are generally milder than the usual ones that we find outside which i think it caters to the taste of our current health conscience generation, except for those that that I mentioned earlier. Among them, my top four choices are the Yuzu, Lemon and Lime, Lychee Martini, Tiramisu and Oreo while the misses are Yuan Yang and the Salted Caramel.

I think Cat & the Fiddle’s Cheese Cake is very reasonably priced for it’s quality if you do self collection or get their normal delivery. I will not opt for the specific timing delivery that cost $26.90 and would rather they deliver the cake a day in advance because the cake can be kept for up to three days in the chiller.

The drawback is they only sell their cake as a whole and there is there is no option to mix the flavours. The Fickle Feline is a choice but there’s only a limited quantity available and it comes in ten fixed flavours. If only i can mix and match and few slices of Mao Shan Wang cheese cake.

I do understand their constrain, which they have to throw away unsold cut cakes at end of the day to keep their supply fresh. However do explore this option, or even swap the ten flavours occasionally, especially if there’s so many flavours to try.

Haha Thai @ Ngee Ann City

Haha Thai @ Ngee Ann City

Haha Thai was previously Hahaha Thai Seafood that was situated at Foch Road. They had rebranded themselves and moved to Ngee Ann City with a soft opening on 1 April 2015. Thank you Serena and Terence from Haha Thai for hosting us.

Unlike most Thai restaurants that go for a traditional Thai style design, Haha Thai went for a very modern cafe look, probably to attract the younger crowd. The price of their food ranges from $4.80 to $49.80. A plate of Pad Thai and bowl of Tom Yum soup cost $10.80 and $9.80 respectively while the pork knuckle and salt baked sea bass cost $38.80 and $49.80. The total cost of the bill can varies quite a lot, depending on what you order.

Haha Thai Menu: Click to enlarge

Thai Sashimi Oyster ($2.80++)

These so-call Thai Oysters are actually air-flown from Japan and to eat it the Thai way, remember to eat it with their Thai style chilli. Their oysters are very fresh, thick and fat and juicy. The chunky texture of the Oyster is the best part of it.

As for the chilli, i thought their chef is quite something to come out with a blend that goes so well with the Oyster. It’s like a 60% sour, 30% spicy and 10% sweet and exceptionally tangy should be the best way to describe the chilli.

Buttercorn Tiger Prawn ($18.80++)

Instead of normal size prawn, Haha Thai uses big tiger prawn. These prawns are lightly fried, such that the shell gives off a delightful flavour,  and are stir fried in a thick and creamy butter sauce.

It’s almost similar to a salted egg prawn sauce but not as salty and with added sweet corn. The texture of the prawn is bouncy and the meat is very sweet. The only complain is instead of three, four prawn should make it easier to share. It also adds up to $6.27++ per prawn.

Tom Yum Talay ($9.80++)

Haha Thai’s Tom Yum soup did very well in the sour aspect and lacks a little on the spicy aspect but i still find the soup enjoyable. This soup has all the sweetness from the seafood and manage to eliminate the unpleasent odour associated with it. It probably has something to do with the freshness of the ingredient.  The soup packs a punch, with just the right balance of lemon grass flavour and sweetness. For a spicy food lover like me, an even spicier version would be great and will increase the “shiok” factor.

Thai-ramisu ($9.80++)

This dessert is Haha Thai’s proud creation, whereby the espresso is replaced by Haha Thai’s signature Thai milk tea. This dessert is layered with a blend of cream and mascarpone cheese and biscuit soaked in sweetened Thai Milk Tea. Comparing to a traditional Tiramisu, this version is expectedly sweeter but the tea fragrance is not lacking comparing to the espresso version. At $9.80++, i consider the portion is a little small.

Mango Sticky Rice ($11.80++)

The ice cream and the Mango is good and I like the way it’s skillfully presented. Instead of savoury, the sticky rice is actually sweetened, which i don’t really favour since the ice cream and Mango already took care of the sweet portion.

Otah ($8.80++)

The Otah is actually very good, with chunky bits of fish mix in a spice-infused mackerel paste. If not for the price,  it would had been in my favorite list. For the price of  $8.80++, people may expect the portion to be a little bigger.

Himalaya Snow Baked Sea Bass ($49.80++)

At $49.80, this dish is the most expensive item on Haha Thai’s menu. I was actually expecting a lot from this dish however I thought the dish is only okay. i thought it lacks the expected fragrance from baking. As for the fish meat, it’s done properly and well cooked, but it didn’t give people enough reasons to fork out $58.00 for this fish.

Pak Mee ($10.80)

I can’t seem to find information about this Thai Bak Mee from online but apparently this is like a special creation by the chef.  The fragrance is something like our Singapore version of Char Kway Teow, just that it’s not as sweet and a bit more salty. There is a unique fragrance coming from the noodle but i can’t really tell what was it. The chef actually kept the content of the sauce as secret and is only willing to disclose one ingredient, which is tumeric. It’s a pretty interesting option to try instead of the usual Pad Thai.


The general impression of a restaurant situated at high floor at Ngee Ann City must be expensive and taste so-so. Apparently Haha Thai is serving some good dishes like the Oysters, Tom Yum Soup, Bak Mee and Buttercorn Prawn and for most dishes, the price appears to be reasonable. However, there is a catch to it as I noticed that the portion of the food is generally smaller. Probably this is their formula to keep their price reasonable.

If i’m crazily hungry, likely Haha Thai will not be my first choice for a meal. But if i’m still a little full and i dont feel like squeezing with the crowd and also want a decent meal, Haha Thai may be an option at Ngee Ann City.

L’Atelier Tiramisu (The Tiramisu Workshop)

L’Atelier Tiramisu

Address: The Central, 6 Eu Tong Sen Street #B1-09

Operating hours: 1:00 pm – 9:30 pm


Happen to chance upon this cafe at Clarke Quay The Central. The first thing that caught my attention was their signage that reads “L’Atelier Tiramisu” and the small seating capacity of the cafe. My first thought was “If a cafe can survive just by selling Tiramisu, it must be really good”.  That’s when i decided to try it out, and i am not disappointed. This is my second visit to L’Atelier Tiramisu.

The Tiramisu comes in four flavors – Classico, Lychee, Dark Cherry and Matcha, or you can try the Sampler Set at $15.00 to try out all four flavors.

Tiramisu – Classico

Among the flavors, the Classico is my favourite. Their Tiramisu is briefly divided into five layers, with the top layer as the cocoa powder, the cheese cream, the coffee soaked biscuit (or the sponge cake), another layer of cheese cream and the bottom layer of biscuit. The biscuit at the bottom layer taste a little sweeter and is not as wet as the top layer.

The most distinguish taste of this Tiramisu is it’s really moist biscuit center that is soaking wet with coffee and i can taste the sweet coffee aroma from every bite.

I also like the moderately sweetened Mascarpone cheese cream very much. The proportion of the cheese spread over the two layers are just good enough to complement the bitter taste of the coffee. A piece of Tiramisu cost me $6.80 which i thought that it’s well worth it.

Tiramisu – Dark Cherry

I tried the Matcha flavor in my first visit and i am having the Dark Cherry this time round. The layering of the cake is similar to the Classico just that they swap the coffee to cherry juice with some very fine fruit pulp, i think.

L’Atelier also added a thin layer of icing sugar on the top of the cake before ending off with the layer of cocoa powder. I personally prefer something a little bitter than a tinge of sour taste so my vote goes to the Classico.

Pandan Tiramisu *Update as of 01 October 2013*

L’atelier had launched a new flavor today – The Pandan flavor. This time, it does not comes in slices but in a cup. The price is $7.80, a dollar more than their normal range.

To be honest, this cake surprised me. As always, their Tiramisu is really moist, with added coconut rum, and they are rather generous with the mascarpone cheese. For this new creation, there is an additional layer of crispy chocolate center well hidden within this cake and i was surprised by this. I thought i tasted Milo powder, though the lady boss said that this is a layer of Chocolate Biscuit. L’atelier then  finished the cake with a layer of coconut flakes.

The two cake layers is infused with the sweet aroma of Pandan which goes really well with the mascarpone cheese. The layer of coconut flakes add an extra crunch to the overall texture. I thought the best way to eat this cake is to eat all the layers in one mouthful to savor the flavors and different texture all at once. If you are someone who like Pandan Kway or coconut, i think this will be a hit for you.

I was asking the lady boss why was Pandan selected among all the available flavors and her reply was that she hoped to come up with a very localised flavor. She elaborated that she took three months to perfect this recipe and i think she did a pretty good job.

Lychee Tiramisu *Update as of 01 October 2013*

I also finally tried their Lychee Tiramisu and completed the full set of flavors! After having the Pandan Tiramisu, the Lychee Tiramisu appears as slightly less impressive, thought it’s still rather good. There are some lychee meat and juice mixed into the cream layers between the sweetened sponge layers and finish with chocolate sprinkle and cinnamon powder. If you ask me my order of preference, it will be – Classico, Pandan, Lychee, Dark Cherry, Green Tea (sorry!).


I am quite sure that this second visit will not be my last visit to L’Atelier cus i have yet to try out the Lychee Flavor. The portion of L’Atelier’s Tiramisu Cake is just nice, not too big, and not too small, which makes it the ideal dessert after a meal. No matter how full i am, i think i should be able to squeeze out a little stomach space for a L’Atelier Tiramisu.