Koh Grill & Sushi Bar’s Shiok Maki, the most satisfying Maki in Singapore (with menu)

Koh Grill Sushi and Bar

Address: 435 Orchard Road, #04-21, Wisma Atria Shopping Centre

Opening hour: 11.30am to 10.30 pm daily


It’s like finally I managed to visit this place. As many of you had already know, Koh Grill & Sushi Bar is famous for one thing – their Shiok Maki. For my non-Singaporean reader, Shiok is a Singapore slang that conveys a feeling of sheer happiness and pleasure. Koh Grill & Sushi Bar is situated within the food court, Food Republic of Wisma Atria.

I’d heard about the long waiting time to get a seat at Koh Grill & Sushi Bar and that’s what exactly kept me from paying a visit after so long. Seems like the wait is not so bad recently as I got a table immediately on a weekday lunch time.

Their menu is surprisingly extensive, with selection ranging from Sushi, to Bento, Sashimi, Grill, Soup, Hotplate and Noodle, and the price looks pretty reasonable.

Koh Grill & Sushi Bar Menu – Maki and Sushi (click to enlarge)

Koh Grill & Sushi Bar Menu – Main course and Ala Carte (click to enlarge)

Koh Grill & Sushi Bar – Bento Menu (click to enlarge)

Shiok Maki Generation 1 ($16.80++)

There are currently two versions of Shiok Maki, and the difference is one is the grilled unagi (eel) version and the other is the fried prawn version. A serving of their Shiok Maki cost $16.80++ for eight pieces of Maki. I was not exactly a fan of Maki but these made me one.

The exterior of the Maki is wrapped with thin layer of soft salmon sashimi, followed by a roll of Japanese rice, seaweed, and then with the charcoal grilled unagi as it’s center. These Maki are then drizzled by the star of the show, a layer of thick special blend of mayonaise, which part of it are torched to give an enticing appearance and a smoky fragrance. The dish is finally completed with a generous sprinkle of roe. Gobble it up in a mouthful to understand why it is call the Shiok Maki.

However I feel that it’s a little wasteful to eat everything in a go because i won’t be able to appreciate the taste of the individual ingredient. For instance, the charcoal grilled unagi is actually very good by itself. There is almost zero fishy taste in it and is skillfully grilled with a good smoky flavour.

This Shiok Maki is a little pricey, at almost $2.50 per piece but I would say it’s worth it. However, if you are not a mayonaise fan, this Maki probably won’t work as well for you.

Sashimi Sushi Moriawase ($16.90++)

This Bento Set cost $16.90++ and it comes with three kinds of sashimi and four kinds of sushi, california roll and a bowl of mini udon. i feel that it’s quite value for money, and that’s much about it.

The udon taste quite average and the sashimi isn’t much exciting either. Those that like fatty fish may find these a little disappointing.

Asparagus Buta Special ($10.00++)

How can I visit Koh Grill without ordering any grilled item right? So I decided to order this “thumbsup” item – stir fried asparagus wrapped in grilled pork belly and it’s actually pretty lovely.

Imagine crunchy asparagus wrapped in thinly sliced grilled pork belly, sizzled in a garlicky pepper mix. Koh Grill & Sushi Bar also brushed a layer of their infamous mayonaise on each pieces of pork belly to complete the final touch. Apart from the Shiok Maki, this is probably something I will order again for my next visit.

Garlic Fried Rice ($5.00++)

This fried rice smells very good when it’s served and upon a closer look, some of the rice grains were burnt. It’s actually not a big problem but the problem lies in the whole dish is not salty enough. Thumbs up for the fragrance but not for the flavour.


Apart from the Shiok Maki, except for the Asparagus Buta Special, the rest that i had are not as impressive. Their menu is really extensive so do let me know if you have any recommendations for their main course.

Left – Sake Aburi $4.20++ for 2 pcs Right – Sake Belly Aburi $5.00++ for 1 pc Taking the diff in price, non belly version is good enough for me

I visited Koh Grill & Sushi Bar with some expectation for it’s Shiok Maki and they actually managed to meet my expectation. Shiok Maki is like the junk food of Makis, which is not as healthy, but provides a good level of satisfaction, or like what it promised – Shiok. If the length of the queue remains short, I really don’t mind coming back to have their Shiok Maki again.

Sun with Moon Japanese Dining and Cafe at Wheelock Place Orchard

Sun with Moon Japanese Dining and Cafe

Address: 501 Orchard Road #03-15/16/17 Wheelock Place

Opening hours: Sun – Thu 12:00pm to 11.00pm, Fri – Sat 12.00pm to 11.30pm


Sun with Moon is a well established Japanese restaurant in Singapore and it’s pricing is slightly above average with a set meal costing about $30. I made a reservation and visited the restaurant at Wheelock Place at 5.30pm on a Saturday and typically crowd started flowing in at about 6.30pm. The menu is very comprehensive and i just selectively took a couple of shots of their menu.

The ambience is slightly more up-class comparing to a typical Japanese sushi restaurant but i forgot to take a photo of the interior of the restaurant. But don’t worry, I still got all the food photos.

Scroll to end of post for menu photos.

Salmon Chirashi Don Set

At the price of $27.80++ ($22.00++ for ala carte), this set comes with a Don, a big bowl of Salmon Soup and a serving of Chawanmushi. The don comes with three pieces of fatty salmon dabbed in their bbq sauce and are grilled to perfection. The oil from the melted fat oozes out from the melt-in-your-mouth salmon upon taking a bite.

Part of the rice at the bottom is infused with the remaining bbq sauce and salmon oil that makes this dish really delectable. And as expected, the fatty salmon sashimi hit all the right notes – fatty, melty, fresh and chunky. In my opinion, it’s one of the best salmon don around.

I also find delight in their salmon cheek soup. This generous portion of soup is cooked in a hearty miso soup base with salmon cheek and thin slices of radish. At first glance, i bet there’s gonna be traces of fishy taste in it but I’m glad to say I’m wrong. The soup is robust, with a moderate sweetness of salmon.

Grilled Foie Gras

This is my second favourite dish of the day. It comes with two portion of grilled Foie Gras, topped over a slice of toasted baguette with crunchy lettuce as it’s base. I thought this combination works very well but let me write about the foie gras first. Although i don’t eat foie gras frequently, but I got to say this is so far the best that I had.

It has that just nice bit of crispy fat on the edge. It’s not burnt, just browned and crispy. And on the inside, the soft buttery fat simply just breaks down and melts in my mouth. The well toasted baguette absorbs the remaining melted fat to ensure that no essence is wasted. The biscuit-like cripsy texture of their baguette enhances the buttery Foie Gras and the fresh crunchy lettuce balances up this piece of oily indulgence.

Garlic Soy Sauce Beef Sirloin Steak Set ($29.80++)

This dinner set comes with a side salad, Chawanmushi, a bowl of fantastic miso soup (really) and a hot plate with a portion of Sirloin Steak, tomato base spaghetti, and a few fried potato balls, and a bowl of rice. The steak itself is decent, and instead of grilling with the garlic soy sauce like a typical Japanese-style steak, it’s applied onto the surface of the steak.

As such, I think they lost points for it’s appearance as the char grilled surface is cover by an uninteresting layer of browns paste. In order to take a better photo, I had to scrap off portion of the sauce and intentionally exposed the red intersection of their steak.

As for the side dishes, there’s like three kinds of carbo food, in a dish, and doesn’t seems to complement each other much. The portion of the tomato pasta is so small, that I’m not sure what is the purpose of being there at the first place. And then there are these five potato balls that are normally found in breakfast menu. In the end, I still prefer my rice. Overall, i think that it’s a little disappointing.

This is how the steak is served. Doesn’t look very appealing.

Grilled Salmon Sushi (Aburi Salmon Sushi )

Aburi style sushi refers to a kind of sushi whereby partially of the fish (the topside) is grilled and partially is raw. For people who want to try sashimi and is unable to take a fully raw fish, this may be the kind of sushi to start with.

I thought the chilli and cheese didn’t manage to enhance the overall taste of the sushi. Probably a plain old good aburi sushi is good enough. However at a price tag of $3.20 a piece, there are better alternative out there.


The dinner cost me $92 and it doesn’t come cheap but i had a hearty and satisfied meal. From this experience, the staff is rather attentive despite the busy crowd and ambience is lovely enough for a mini celebration for love birds. It’s probably a place that i won’t visit frequently due to the price but I wouldn’t have any problem coming back here for an occasion indulgence for their Salmon Don. But do note that dinner menu starts strictly from 5.30 pm onwards and they are only serving tea time menu between lunch and dinner

Sun with Moon Japanese Dining Menu

Sashimi Menu (click to enlarge)

Sushi Menu (click to enlarge)

Meat and Veg Menu (click to enlarge)

Dinner Menu 1 (click to enlarge)

Dinner Menu 2 (click to enlarge)

Rice, Noodle and Dessert Menu (click to enlarge)