Hello Kitty Cafe @ Taipei, Zhongxiao Fuxing

Hello Kitty Kitchen and Dining (凱蒂貓餐廳)

Address: No. 90, Section 1, Da’an Rd, Da’an DistrictTaipei City, TaiwanTaipei, Taiwan (台灣大安路一段90號台北市)

Opening hours: 11:30am to 9:30pm daily

Facebook Page (For reservation): https://www.facebook.com/Hello-Kitty-Kitchen-And-Dining-260853043946112/


Opened in Year 2008, this Hello Kitty Cafe at Taipei finally underwent a major renovation and reopened in July 2015 and I’m just in time to catch a glimpse of this brand new cafe. It’s situated in Taipei and is nearest to the MRT station Zhongxiao Fuxing (Exit 3) which takes only about 3 minutes of walking.


At the restaurant, the rice is Hello Kitty, the bread is Hello Kitty, the Napkin is Hello Kitty, the cake is Hello Kitty. Basically everything is either in Hello Kitty shape or decorated with the Cat’s signature bow tie. For those that has phobia of pink, please do not ever step into this restaurant.


As a man, naturally (fortunately) I did not experience the exhilaration of dining in such a restaurant however I have to agree that the interior is very well thought of and I’m sure the Fans of Hello Kitty will definitely enjoy the dining ambience.



Menu 1 of 2. Click to enlarge.



Menu 2 of 2. Click to enlarge.


Among the menu, I ordered the two safest choice which is their Japanese Style Curry Pork Chop Rice at NT$500 (S$22) and their Mushroom Bacon Beef Burger at NT$450 (S$20). These main courses come with bread, soup, choice of drink and a choice of dessert.


As I have almost zero expectation of the food here, I was surprised that the two main courses are actually quite decent, and I especially love the fries that come with the Burger.

The bread and rice come in a shape of Hello Kitty, which I think it will be an interesting meal to have especially for young kids.


However, their soup is quite a disaster which I gave up the whole bowl after having a mouthful.


The dessert, the Golden Chocolate Pie’s crust is a little too stiff and hard but I find the fillings quite delicious. The taste of their Cheese Cake is good but it’s a pity that the texture is a bit too dry. Oh well.


Did I mention that there is a minimum spending of NT$300 (S$13.60) per person?


If you are coming here for a meal, fret not because it will definitely cost more than that (not sure if it’s a good thing). There is also a dining duration of 1.5 hours, although the whole restaurant is relatively empty during my visit (Monday 8.00pm).



I think if the purpose of visit to this café is to enjoy the best meal in Taipei, then you should give this place a miss. However, if the purpose is the indulge yourself in a fun and pretty dining environment, and also to take a lot of pretty food photos as if they are some sort of attraction, then this place is probably more suitable for you.


Again, the two main courses that I ordered are actually quite decent, not disgusting. For some, I believe just looking at the dishes already made some people happier and in a better mood for dining.


If you are looking for a place that your kids may enjoy, and not ridiculously crowded (unlike the newly opened Rilakkuma Café) this may just be the place.


They do accept online reservation via Facebook and you can find the URL at the start of my post. This café is conveniently located within minutes of walking from the MRT station. On google map, you won’t be able to located the exact Location of Exit 3 of Zhongxiao Fuxing station so I did up one for you here. Basically, when you come out from the exit, just go straight and turn right: