Kau Kee Beef Brisket Noodle, the most famous in Hong Kong

Kau Kee Beef Brisket Noodle (九记牛腩/九記牛腩)

English Address (Google Map): 21 Gough St Hong Kong

Chinese Address: 中環歌賦街21號地下

Opening Hours: Mon – Sat 12.30pm to 10.30pm. Closed on Sun and Public Holiday

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When one think of the best beef brisket noodle in Hong Kong, one will definitely think of Kau Kee. This small little eatery in between Central and Sheung Wan station was said to be Tony Leung’s (梁朝伟) and many Hong Kong celebrities’ favourite Beef Brisket Noodle.

Apart from their food, Kau Kee is also famous for their less-than-passable service. There was one episode where netizen accused Kau Kee’s staff of chasing them out from their eatery. Despite their service, customers still pour in during meal hours just for their Beef Brisket Noodle.

Kau Kee only has a very small sitting capacity

Kau Kee was started by Mr Pan, whose nickname is Ah Kau (阿九, and thus the name 九记牛腩) back in the 1950s. It was only a road-side stall then and it was handed down to Mr Pan’s son 30 years ago, who is the current boss of Kau Kee. The father passed away in Year 1997. In the same year, Hong Kong government had limited the number of license for such stall and eventually Kau Kee moved to it’s current location.

They are most famous for two items – Beef Brisket Kway Teow Soup and their Curry Beef Tendon Noodle. Curry Beef Tendon Noodle seems like a very interesting choice but i ordered their Beef Brisket Kway Teow as i am not so much a fan of tendon.

Their limited menu – as of 26 Apr 14. Click to enlarge.

Beef Brisket Kway Teow (HK$38)

Brisket is one of the toughest cut of meat from the lower chest of a cow as those muscle groups support more than 50% of it’s body weight. It would be inedible of it’s cooked like a steak. Therefore brisket is usually cooked for a long period of time to break down the connective tissue and fibre and resulting in very soft and tender meat.

Kau Kee had done it perfectly in this sense. Their beef brisket is stewed till the perfect tender soft texture like no others had did before (at least to me). The tissues gave way while the sweet taste of their stew-infused brisket took over the palate. This should be the most tender beef brisket ever.

The soup base is rather light, mildly sweet and easy on the stomach. I am enjoying the soup despite already making my food rounds in this area. However, I have to highlight that it does has traces of MSG, which i believe it’s not an astounding discovery. The Kway Teow is really smooth and Kway Teow should be a good choice because it absorbs the clear beef broth easier thus making it more enjoyable.


I am glad that i didn’t experience much discomfort from Kau Kee’s service like what the online community mentioned. The staff there seems like an energetic and spontaneous group of people.

The pot of Curry Tendon Stew and their energetic staff

While I prefer the quality of Kau Kee’s beef brisket over their soup, the beef brisket is definitely enough to lure me back to Kau Kee again. And especially Sheng Heung Yuen tomato noodle is my must-eat for every Hong Kong trip, Kau Kee is literally just next door.

There are also rumours of the closure of Kau Kee and I really hope that it will not happen soon else it would really be a big waste.

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Map and Directions

The direction is exactly the same as going to Sheng Heung Yuen as mentioned in my previous post.

This place is not exactly easy to find. My way to this place is rather straight forward and remember to keep a look out for a rather famous dim sum eatery as landmark – 莲香楼

Kau Kee is actually in between Central and Sheung Wan but i always go from Sheung Wan.

1. Come out from Exit E2, cut through the square at Cosco Tower as shown in my maps. The square is easy to identify as it looks like a fountain with steps that lead up to a road.

2. Cross the road and walk towards the left narrow path as shown in my map. You will be going up a gentle slope. Walk straight until you see this restaurant 莲香楼.

3. This is where you should turn right and head up. There will be steeper slopes and stairs here.

4. While climbing up, don’t forget to look to your right for the signboard of Kau Kee (九记牛腩). This is where you should turn in.

Look out for the red hanging signboard. To the left – Kau Kee Beef Brisket Noodle. To the right – Sheng Hueng Yuen Tomato Noodle

Australia Dairy Company and it’s Legendary Scrambled Egg

Australia Dairy Company (澳洲牛奶公司)

English Address: 47-49 Parkes St, Hong Kong

Chinese Address: 佐敦白加士街47-49號地下

Operating hours: 07.30am to 11:00pm Closed on Thu

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Australia Dairy Company (澳洲牛奶公司) is voted (by public) as the top eatery in Hong Kong at OpenRice Hong Kong, defeating all 5-star Hotels and 3-stars Michelin restaurants. They are famous for two things, their variations of egg custard pudding and their scrambled egg.

When I first visited Australia Dairy at Jordon 6 years ago, I don’t remembered there was such a monstrous queue. It was crowded, but not THAT crowded. But despite the long queue, the waiting time is only 20 minutes due to the mega quick turnover. I bet they won’t take more than 5 minutes to serve your food.

Click to enlarge – Menu in Chinese (as of 26 Apr 14)

And Australia Dairy has basically nothing to do with the country Australia and it’s a 100% Hong Kong style cafe. It was said that this name came from the boss of Australia Dairy, who once worked in Australian farm in the 1940s.

The queue is really long, but the waiting time is only 20 minutes.

Scrambled Egg Toast 炒蛋多士

When i visit this place, i always go for their scrambled egg toast. So far it’s the best scrambled egg that I had in term of both texture and taste (despite so many brunch places that sell scrambled egg in Singapore). Remember, a trip to Australia Dairy Company without ordering their scrambled egg toast is a wasted trip.

I thought what makes this scramble egg so popular, even to the extend of legendary, is for it’s non-runny but yet milky moist texture. No additional seasoning is required as it’s already bursting with flavours. Comparing with western style scrambled egg, it is slightly saltier and richer.

They had maintained a good standard for the past few years without fail. One portion of scrambled cost HK$15 (S$2.50). Be sure not to mistakenly order their sunny side up toast instead. Look for 炒蛋多士 in the menu.

Almond Steamed Egg Custard (杏仁炖蛋奶)

For first-timer, you may want to try their custard Amond Steamed Egg Custard. This taste very similar to the custard of egg tart with a tinge of almond but the texture is much softer. At first bite, you can taste the aromatic eggy taste, then the sweet milk, and then the almond. This dish is market as one of their signatures with their Steamed Egg White Milk Custard.

I love it’s texture, not-so-sweet taste and it’s egg fragrance edges other similar custard puddings found in Singapore. I like this dish, but not to the extent that i need to order it for every visit. It’s a worth-the-try dish.

Other dishes

I tried their macaroni and instant noodle breakfast set before and the taste is forgettable. If you do not have enough stomach space, just order their scrambled egg toast, and I always accompany it with a hot glass of fresh milk. Nothing warms heart like a glass of hot fresh milk in the morning.


Of the service, speed and quality triangle, i can say that Australia Dairy Company excel in both aspects of speed and quality. I simply love the quality of their scrambled egg and at a rather affordable price. That is the reason why Australia Dairy is always on the top of my to-return list in Hong Kong and will always remain as one of my favourite cafes in Hong Kong.

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The interior

Maps and Directions

It’s rather easy to navigate to Australian Dairy. I forgot the Exit is C1 or C2 (One of them is not reflected on the google map). Just bear in mind that you should not see the main road (Nathan Road) when you come out from the exit. If it’s facing the main road, then go back down and come up from the other exit C.

The rest is pretty easy. After you exit, just walk straight and turn right and walk for 20 seconds and you will see Australia Dairy Company.