Chabuton and their Kurobuta Ramen by Chef Yasuji Morizumi

Chabuton and their Kurobuta Ramen by Chef Yasuji Morizumi

Address: 313 Orchard Road B2-01

Opening Hours: 11.30 am to 10.00 pm daily


First of all, thank you Chabuton Singapore and Natasha from Brand Cellar for the invite to the media launch preview of Chabuton’s seasonal ramen, The Kurobuta Ramen. The recipe of this ramen is specially created by Michelin Chef Yasuji Morizumi to cater to the taste of Singaporean and of course, it’s only available in Singapore.

This creation features a blend of Tonkotsu and Chicken Collagen Broth that comes with a piece of highly prized Kurobuta Pork. This seasonal ramen is available from now till the end of March at all Chabuton outlets.

Kurobuta Ramen $18.90++

Firstly I will write about the broth. It’s a pretty interesting blend of chicken and pork broth and i must mention that this is a really strong broth. It’s not only thick and creamy, it’s also bursting with flavours. Interestingly, this is the first time i had a broth with a rather solid ginger after taste. A friend of mine who loves ginger adores this broth very much but I’m not sure if I can say the same thing for people who don’t take ginger very well. Personally, I like the broth but hope that the ginger taste can be more subtle.

Chef Yasuji Morizum

Among of the whole bowl of ramen, my favourite is the piece of tender Kurobuta Pork. This piece of meat is interlaced with thin layer of fats and although it doesn’t has the melt in your mouth texture, i think it’s still pretty good for it’s sweet succulent texture.

Although it’s mentioned that this ramen is catered to Singaporean’s taste, i am quite surprise that the noodle is lightly boiled. For me, I rather fancy ramen that is a little firmer. I like the chewy texture and has something to bite on, but I thought generally Singaporeans like their ramen a bit softer. And the restaurant manager replied that we can actually choose the firmness of the noodle upon ordering, which is good.

As you can see, my ramen egg is really really well prepared and I’m loving every bit of it. Instagrammer, Christy Frisbee, was sitting opposite me and she was not as lucky when she requested for a second serving of egg. It was almost fully cooked and upon giving feedback to the restaurant manager, he mentioned that we can actually asked for an exchange if the ramen egg happened to be overcooked than expected. If this is true, I thought that’s quite reasonable. Good move Chabuton. But don’t quote me if they dont exchange for you k? LOL


This creation by Chef Yasuji Morizumi is rather interesting and it doesn’t taste like any other ramen that i had tried before. The taste of this ramen is quite refreshing but I thought there’s actually some risks involved due to its unconventional flavour. If you adore ginger and strong ramen broth, this may just be the ramen for you.

As for it’s pricing, i thought at $18.90++, this luxurious version is facing stiff competition from other cheaper alternatives that are just as good. However, i have to give points this ramen for it’s ability to capture people’s attention with it’s alluring ingredients like “collagen” and “kurobuta pork”. This ramen seems like just the perfect menu to attract our Singaporeans that love new and interesting creations.

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