The Bridge Cafe, A Secret Haven at Hongdae

The Bridge Cafe (카페더브릿지)

English Address (Google Map): 2nd Floor, Mapo-gu 347-17 Seogyo

Korean Address (Naver Map) : 마포구 서교동 347-17번지 2층

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One of the must-do in Hongdae is cafe hopping and it’s not hard to see why. There are so many eateries, cafes and bars in the area of Hongdae therefore each and every eateries must be unique in their own ways, be it for their food, their service or their interior to attract customers.

Among the cafes, The Bridge cafe stood out among all for it’s unique interior. It’s situated at level two of the ‘quiet side of Hongdae’. This cafe is hardly noticeable and I don’t think I would step my foot into this cafe just basing on the exterior and not for my prior research.

The Cafe

The Bridge cafe occupies level two and three of the three storey terrace house. Don’t be bluffed by it’s ordinary exterior as it’s another haven as you enter this cafe.

Every corner of the cafe lies a small cosy private room that is only exclusive to you and your friends like it’s your mini guest suite. Shut the door and shut off the outside world and indulge in a world with only yourself and your friends.

For those who like to have a little me-time can also pick up a magazine or book from the cafe’s book shelf and spend a quiet afternoon with a good cup of coffee. Apart from the mini wooden private room, they have private rooms that offers a window view.

During my visit, as the cafe is relatively empty, i request to sit at other tables three times just to have a different kind of feel to the various concept rooms.

Some partitioned area has no chair, just a low coffee table and some fluffy cushions that is just perfect to stretch and relax your legs after a tiring day of walking and shopping. Wooden planks at some part of the room were intentionally unvarnished and while bringing the cafe into the present day, it still has a nostalgic feel with the brick wall laid out on a wall that is painted in contemporary white color.

The soft and relaxing music really made me felt like making this cafe my last destination and call it a day while i laze my day away. Next best thing about this cafe? Of course it’s the free Wifi!!

Drinks and Food

The price of the coffee is slightly higher at W$5,500 (S$6.50) for a cup of late caffe but I like the fact that the waitress totally leave you alone after settling the bill when my drinks arrived.

There are some food items available but i did not order any.  Waffles is available at W$5000-W$6000 and they do serve savoury dishes like Bagel, Sandwich and Wrap. Do share with us if you happen to try their food.

The Bridge Menu: Click to enlarge




The Bridge Cafe probably will not be my first choice for food as there are many other interesting food choices in Hongdae like the BBQ intestines from Paljamakchang or Andong Chicken from Yeolbong Jimmdak. I believe the same kind of waffle and good sandwiches can be found in Singapore so I thought just ordering a cup of beverage is good enough for me.

In fact it’s the experience that made this visit unique and worthwhile. Due to The Bridge Cafe’s different unique settings at different areas of the cafe, it is the perfect place to take selfies and photos with friends and loved ones. I almost gave this cafe a miss due to my very tight itinerary and i am glad that i made the right choice after paying a visit to The Bridge Cafe.

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Map and Directions

1. As mentioned in my previous post, always remember Exit 9 of Hongdae. Exit from Exit 9 of Hongdae MRT station and turn to your left and walk straight as shown in the map.

2. Turn left at the T Junction to the “quiet part of Hongdae”.

3. Keep to the right side of the road and turn right.

4. Walk straight and walk about 20 meters and keep a look out to your left for The Bridge Cafe. It’s situated at Level 2.

The entrance of The Bridge Cafe is on the right side of this photo

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5 thoughts on “The Bridge Cafe, A Secret Haven at Hongdae

  1. Thanks for your very very detailed post with pictures! I like the layout of your site. I am going to Korea soon and your site is definitely one of my reference materials! 🙂

  2. hey there, if I may ask, what is the operational hour for this cafe?
    I plan to visit this place around 21.00 / 22.00. is it still open at that time?
    anyway, a big thank you for your post!

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