Edae Grilled Chicken Skewer – My favourite Street Food

Modak Modak Grilled Chicken Skewer (모닭모닭)

Operating hours: Unsure but it’s still in operation at 10.00pm when i visited

*Korean Address (Naver Map): 서울특별시 서대문구 대현동 145

*English Address (Google Map): 145 Daehyeon-dong (10 Ewhayeodae 1-gil)

* Note that the above address is for a shopping center Yes! APM. Modak Modak is a street food stall in front of Yes! AMP. For the estimated location, please refer to my direction and map section at the bottom of the post.

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Frankly speaking, to begin with, i am not even sure is the stall name Modak Modak (모닭모닭). It was my best guess from the signage hanging at the stall. The stall is even mentioned in a Seoul travel guidebook but it was indicated as “Edae Chicken Skewer”, without a name. Many people had mentioned about this chicken skewer online but none mention a name, so let’s call it Modak Modak.

Modak Modak, since 2005. This street food stall is so popular that a Japanese cable television company actually made a trip down to interview and to feature them on their TV show.

Modak Modak is situated at the shopping district of Ewha Woman’s University 이화여자대학교 (Ewha is pronounced as “Ee-Hua”). But note the the area is known as Edae 이대 (pronounced as “Ee-Day”).

Grilled Chicken Skewer

There are a lot of street food stalls in Edae, but none has the queue like Modak Modak. Long queue equates to good food? Apparently so for this case. Everyone who’s in the queue is waiting patiently for their turn to place their order as if it is a norm for the long waiting time. There’s also a big pot of complimentary hot rice tea at the stall to enjoy while waiting in the queue during this cold season. Isn’t it thoughtful?

First application of chill sauce over the skewer

The skewers come in three variations – non-spicy, mid, and spicy and each cost W$2000. I ordered the spicy version and i was impressed by the effort involved just to prepare one single chicken skewer. For many stalls, most skewers are already grilled and placed on a hot plate to keep warm. But for Modak Modak, every stick of chicken skewer is freshly prepared and served hot, and i believe this contributes to the longer waiting time, thus the queue.

When someone place an order, the boss picks up a stick of pre-grilled skewers by the side of the grill. Firstly, the home-made chilli sauce is spread generously onto the chicken skewer and grilled for a minute or two. A second layer of chilli is applied evenly onto the skewer and grilled for another couple of minutes, and during this grilling process, the boss uses a pair of scissors to snip off any burnt surface. The chicken skewer is completed by topping with cheese powder and is served hot.

The boss never misses. The mayonnaise is applied evenly even at 40cm away.

The mayonnaise is squeezed out from the plastic bottle like any others, only the skewer is 30-40 cm away from the tip of the bottle and he never misses. This is quite entertaining to watch while in the queue. The chicken skewer is completed by topping with cheese powder and is served hot.

The end product. I can see that the boss put in a lot of effort for every stick of chicken skewer.

After queuing for twenty minutes, i sink my teeth into the chicken skewer with much anticipation and my verdict?  I love it. The best part of the skewer is the juicy and tender chicken chunks that’s packed with flavor from the condiments added onto the skewer. The grilled leek goes perfectly well with the chicken that added a crunchy texture and so that i can convince myself – “Hey i’m eating vegetable so it’s healthy right?”.

As we know, high temperature grilling cooks fast but tends to burn the exterior of the meat. A low temperature grilling cooks the exterior and interior evenly but takes a longer time. In order to serve freshly grilled chicken at a reasonably fast speed, Modak Modak choose to grill their chicken over high heat and snip off the burnt exterior with a pair of scissors. The chilli is actually rather spicy so i suggest for those who can’t really take chilli to get the mild spicy version. 


Edae is one of the must-go places in Seoul for shopping so if you are making a trip down, remember to reserve some space in your stomach for Modak Modak chicken skewer, and other street food at Edae. The quality of the chicken skewer exceeded my expectation of a street food. Among the street food that i tried in Seoul, this is definitely going into my top three list. 

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Map and Direction

1. Exit from Ewha Woman University MRT station Exit 2

2. Walk straight and turn left on the second junction. This street is filled with food street stall and it’s hard to miss

3. Modak Modak is situated along this street. It’s along a downhill path and you will see Yes! APM shopping mall on your left.

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