SabX2 Wanton Noodle (Bangkok – Pratunam)

SabX2 Wanton Noodle

Location : From the main road of Phetchburi Road, turn in to Phetchburi Soi 19 and walk about 2 minutes to locate this shop. It’s just situated in a lane beside Shibuya 19 Shopping Mall / Glow Pratunam Hotel.

Operating hours: 9.00am to 4.00pm

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This SabX2 Wanton Noodle is located beside my hotel, Glow Pratunam, at Phetchburi Soi 19.  Just turn into the small lane Soi 19, walk for about two minutes this stall is on the right hand side. This Wanton Noodle is very popular among Singaporeans and the waitress even knows how to communicate in Mandarin.

SabX2 is a fairly clean air-conditioned eatery just across the road of the Platinum Mall that serves mainly three items: Wanton Noodle Dry/Soup, Braised Pork Trotter and Braised Pork Intestines.

Wanton Noodle Dry

The most popular must-order is the Wanton noodle dry. Unlike some of our singapore version, their Wanton noodle has no sauce, no gravy and no fried chilli. The ingredient to Sabx2 great tasting noodle is the  fragrance of the deep fried pork lard and a little bit of Chye Po (preserved radish).

There are lots of crispy goodies in every mouthful of noodle, including the slightly char roasted Char Siew. Do note that the noodle’s portion is rather small so do manage the expectation well. And if you are someone who shun stuff like deep fried pork lard, then this Wanton noodle may not be appealing to you. Add some dried chilli flakes for a stronger flavor!

Braised Pork Trotter

One of the reasons to order the pork trotter is – the portion of the Wanton noodle is so so so so small and i could finish it in three mouthful so I’m still hungry! Ok, to be honest, I think the pig trotter is worth a try. The braised trotter is so tender that the meat almost fell apart when I exert more strength on my chopsticks.

There are other braised item like intestine, egg, tau kwa (bean curd). My friend’s verdict of the pork intestine is “I had never tasted such a tender pig intestine. Not in Singapore for sure”. This is the photo that i took during my last Bangkok Trip:


When you visit Bangkok platinum mall, why not just pop by for a quick bite to see why is this little air-conditioned eatery so popular within the Pratunam area. Some of my friends told me that they made it a point to visit this place every time they visit Bangkok. Definitely there are better tasting. Wanton noodle in Singapore, but this Thailand version has it’s own uniqueness in it’s own flavor.

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  15. I had a very nasty experience at your restaurant on the 5th May 2015 with my daughter, who was so excited to sample your specialty Wanton Noodle. We were there 10 mins before the door was opened to public at 9 am but unfortunately it was delayed because the boss was not in yet. So we waited for 20 mins more and by the time the door was opened, the crowd had got bigger. We were second in queue and hoped for fast service but, to our disappointment, the waiters and waitresses overlooked us and came to us after half an hour. And to our utter disgust, all the patrons who came in later than us, got their orders delivered promptly and we finally got ours after another 40 mins.
    You profess to be a reputable restaurant to tourists but after your improper treatment and despicable attitude of the boss over his late entrance, we feel you have a lot to improve and , in the meantime, will not recommend you to anyone visiting Bangkok.

    The Chuas
    17th May 2015

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